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The Nurses of St Croix. The Angels of Lovely Lane. The Married Girls. Miss Mary's Daughter. Homebrewing was not illegal, but it was not actively encouraged and so brewing recipes were generally not published nationally. Barm is the yeasty foam skimmed from a fermenting liquor such as beer or wine, which indicates that the letter writer was harvesting yeast from his own brewing process. Normally, such recipes would recommend purchasing yeast from the local bakery or druggist. The most notorious alcohol produced during World War I was made through the fermentation of mangel wurzels Beta vulgaris , also known as 'mangold', 'fodder beet' or simply just 'wurzels' , which could produce a high alcohol content without the need for illegal distillation.

Wurzel wine was a common substitute for brandy during both wars. Rationing and food control was somewhat haphazard during World War I, but lessons were learned. Information was archived and available in case of future need. This encouraged people to grow vegetables in their gardens and allotments to supplement the food that could be purchased. And like rationing, these Kentish recipes, that were originally created during the First World War, were also revived and reused during the Second. Ingredients 1 lb stale national loaf, torn into small pieces see recipe with any really hard crust removed.

Method Soak the bread in the tea until all the liquid is absorbed - the bread should end up fairly mushy.

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Mash together until no real lumps remain, then add all the other ingredients, mixing all the time. If the mixture is too soggy, add more breadcrumbs. Grease the pudding bowl and fill with the mixture.

Wartime Christmas Weekend

Cover the basin with a lid or plate and place in a medium oven for a minimum of 2 hours. Remove from oven and allow to set overnight. Reheat in a low oven for half an hour when needed, turn out and serve with Ingredients 8 oz sugar 1 tsp butter 1 tsp mixed spice 3 tbsp Wurzel Wine. Method Place sugar and spice in a bowl. Melt the butter and pour into the bowl gradually, stirring all the time. Next beat the mixture until quite smooth.

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Add the wurzel wine and beat again. Pour into a container and store in a cool place. Method Mix the potatoes in a basin with the barm and about half of the flour with a little of the water into a sponge. Leave it to rise for 15 minutes. Knead in the rest of the flour, salt and sufficient water until a soft dough starts to form. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface.