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A blasphemer had even dared distort evidence of the Beginnings by saying that God was a flying Spaghetti Monster!

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How was it possible to spout such nonsense and really hope that someone would agree!? How could anyone wander so far from the True Truth and profess such falsehood? The truth was something quite different, and it was time to face the facts: God was a Huge Mystical Regina Pizza, come from the depths of space to terraform our good old planet, so conducive to agriculture and the growing of tomatoes and all manner of fungi.

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The world should not live without enlightenment for centuries more. Master Calzone, upon regaining his strength after taking a bite, decided to reveal everything in the book that would be his life's work: the " Book of the True Truth ". Master Calzone spent a great deal of his life writing the work that today is called the " Book of the True Truth ". Through his teaching we discover the path of the Wisdom of Sustenance and especially the reason for how or why there can only be one truth , leaving no room for other doctrines.

Here is a summary:. Questioning what it thought to be a universal truth, was frightening.

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This is why our Cult is still so criticized today. But the evidence is out there and the proof is all around us. It follows then, that if the main monotheistic God created man in his own image, as his believers would claim, would they then not be able to fly across the sky, and we would never have needed airplanes! Is this the case? Then there are our most fervent detractors, the very people who dared become worshippers of the Pastafarian religion.

13 Expressions With God in French

We have a message for them: "A giant Spaghetti God is ridiculous and inconceivable! How would he breathe? He is the Perfect Being! Also, know this: he shall show no mercy to you on the Day of Reckoning. Get back on the true path and join us! To conclude, the final message from the " Book of the True Truth " is for atheists and other impious blasphemers:.

In Jesus' Name - Darlene Zschech's // Au nom de Jésus (version française) Dana-jo

You will then have no choice but to return the evidence For more information , do not hesitate to order the " Book of the True Truth " in the shop section, below. Literally 'Whore of shit', where 'putain e de' is used to indicate the worst extreme of an example, where an American would say 'fucking'. For example, French 'putain de voiture' translates as 'whore of [a] car', where Americans would say 'fucking car'. The Parisian vernacular pronounces this as three syllables - putain d'merde - similar to how many American regional dialects say "fuckin'" rather than pronouncing the final 'g'.

L’alliance, le dieu, l’objet

For reference, see the French girl assisting Harrison Ford in "Frantic", who says 'Oh, putain d'merde! Bordel de merde - literally 'whorehouse of [a]' has the same general connotation - the worst extreme of a case. A 'saloperie' is a dirty trick. In the movie, the native French-speaking actor playing the Merovingian ad-libbed this phrase when asked to swear in French, which the Wachowski Brothers liked so much that they added it to the script. An approximate American version would be "Goddammit, fucking piece of shit, fucking asshole, fuck your mother in the ass.