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To look at it another way, it is the difference between wanting to defeat the Horde and wanting to kill all orcs. There is definitely a lot of overlap in those goals, and similar means to accomplish them, but they are distinct and differing goals when you break them down to their constituent parts. I am still passionate about my demon hunter even post-Legion.

It does help that I play a night elf - I imagine blood elves have a slightly more difficult time with finding their place in the scheme of things as it stands now, but ultimately the reasons for Demon Hunters being on Azeroth are universal. Demon Hunters are individuals willing to go to what can be considered absurd or insane lengths to defend their people. That goal is still just as relevant in BfA as it has ever been. It's also important to note that after the events of the burning legion their mission is almost entirely complete.

The demon hunters were not created to hunt down every last demon. Instead they were formed by Illidan to battle the burning legion.


The Legion is now destroyed. It's chain of command shattered and Sargeras sealed away. They no longer have an enemy to fight. Sure some demon hunters could wander the world and ensure every last demon on Azeroth is destroyed but others like the Player Character may seem fit to rejoin their race and help aid their faction. It comes down to choice and motive really. Like Death Knights.

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They are indigenous to Azeroth, and their grand purpose is effectively complete. Perhaps maybe even probably they will become relevant again at some point. They are both met initially with wariness at best. Death Knights are undead and not likely to ever be welcomed back to their home towns.

Demon Hunters similarly reek of demonic magic. It was their former leader that turned over to the Legion and fel magic and many might not appreciate the distinction. Isn't the Fel Hammer fully operational, though?

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It does run on a Soul Engine, but I wouldn't put it past the Illidari to power it with the souls of bad people. Fighting for their people. Especially for Night Elves since they lost so many they seek revenge, or see fighting the horde as their new calling after fighting the Legion like blademaster Telaamon. The same reason Death Knights are still around: Their main task may be done but now they're just defending their planet and their faction by whatever means necessary. Besides, the Legion may be effectively disbanded, but demons still exist and still pose a threat albeit now a relatively small one to the world.

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The Burning Legion has been defeated. They're searching for new purpose, and finding it in service of the Alliance and Horde, as well as cleaning up Sargeras' final mess. How many demons were left behind in azeroth after events in legion?

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