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Robo Live Free. Mental arithmetic for school children - free Rated 4. ABCRead5 Free. Tooth Fairy Telegram Rated 5 out of 5 stars. Colorful ABC Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Now I blew up the balloon again and asked them to form a hypothesis about what would happen when the balloon was on the bottle. With the balloon stretched over the bottle top, the boys' jaws both dropped. As the air in the balloon deflated, it created pressure, which forced the water to come shooting out of the straw. At the very end, our steady stream of water sputtered and squirted, overshooting the 9 x 13 Pyrex baking dish we were using to catch the water.

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They exploded in laughter! Note: this would be a great outdoor activity on a hot day or could be done in the bathtub to eliminate clean up. This simple science activity was made with materials you probably already have around the house and provides truly impressive results. Credit for this activity goes to Learn With Play at Home.

Labels: Science. Finding a game for multi-agers can be difficult.

This game is extremely simple and can be customized to challenge kids at varying levels. All you need is a piece of paper and pencil for scoring, painters tape, and a few small balls. Set up. Using the painters tape, make three different shapes, one inside the other, on the floor. Ours were a triangle inside a rectangle, inside an octagon. Add a strip of tape for a starting line about five or six feet back. Now grab your kids and some balls.

How We Played. I tore off a piece of paper from a notepad and wrote down the points for each shape.

Primary Concepts, Inc.

My two sons took turns tossing three balls at the shapes bullseye. When it landed in a shape, they'd proclaim, "You got an octagon! My oldest son kept score i. They played five rounds and then the score was totaled. The player with the most points wins. All you need are balls and a shapes bullseye made of tape! This activity was inspired by What to Expect. Summer is right around the corner. I don't know about you, but I'm pinning activities like crazy in anticipation of "Mom, I'm bored!

Here are just a few of my favorite activities from last week's party. Spring Flowers at Art Club Blog. This activity is light on education and heavy on fun. Sometimes that's just what a kid needs after a day of reviewing for year-end tests at school.

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Here's what you need for each jumping frog:. Here's how to make it:. Draw a frog on a small piece of paper. I gave my son these step-by-step instructions to help him.

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When I complimented him on how great his frog was, he said, "I usually stink at art! When his frog was finished, he cut it out. Now we got our cups ready. One is left as is. The other one needs to be adapted. Punch four holes just above the rim of the glass, so all the holes are opposite each other. Now cut two rubberbands so they become long stretchy strings.

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Tie them to the holes in the cups so the rubberband forms an X. Trim off some of the excess rubberband. Now adhere your frog picture to the adapted cup, so that the frog's feet are near the rim of the cup and its head is near the bottom of the cup. Suitable for glue, paint, or collage materials for group AlphaMagnets Lowercase, The highest quality magnetic manipulatives available! Supports hands-on activities targeting letter recognition, initial sound Early Childhood Math Flexibly designed for use in whole class, s Classroom Collections Previous Next. Color Harmony Stripes Provide a helpful visual reference for students.

They provide helpful visual references for students, appropriate to grade le A Sharp Bunch Cactus Deco An easy way to create personalized classroom messages on bulletin boards, windows, chalkboards and hallways. Set includes A great way for students and visitors to introduce themselves, th Poppin Patterns Stars Border Colorful trims for your bulletin boards! Add creativity and fun to bulletin boards, hallways, walls, projects and more.

police-risk-management.com/order/monitoring/ticu-come-spiare.php Various shapes and colors are great for decora Tropical Punch Pineapples BW Chevron Border Make a fabulous addition to your classroom decor with these beautifully detailed borders! Color My World Magnifying Eureka Cut Outs can add creativity and fun to bulletin boards, hallways, walls, projects and more. Various shapes and colors Tropical Punch Straight Bold Strokes Circles Bright and welcoming labels are acid free and designed for no-smear writing with markers or pens.

Perfect for name tags, labe Science Previous Next. Science by the Grade, Grade 1 Ideal for teachers, students, and parents, this series can be used as a stand-alone resource or a supplement for other scienc Printed in bold black, all capital letters on wh Explore with Me Tumbled.