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Step 2 Put another ellipse above and use an Eyedropper Tool I to take the beige gradient color from Bear's muzzle.

Step 3 Duplicate the paw and move it to the other side of the Bear's body. Step 4 Rotate the paws about 45 degrees angle holding down Shift button is very handy here. Step 5 Now we're gonna add him a pair of arms. Step 6 Use the Reflect Tool O to make a mirrored copy and move it to the other side of the body. Step 2 Fill it with the same beige radial gradient as we have on Bear's muzzle and paws, make it smaller and squash it a bit.

Repeat the same move for the right handle. Step 2 Copy and Paste in Front the brown nose shape, select both the nose copy and the white ellipse and hit Intersect in the Pathfinder panel. Step 4 Add a small white ellipse above the nose to make a highlight. Step 5 Now we need to add some nostrils. Step 6 Cut off the unnecessary part using Pathfinder as we did with the nose highlight. Add the second nostril. Step 2 Duplicate the spots and place them on the second eye.

Step 3 Add some reflections to the eyes by creating a circle a bit smaller than the eye. Step 2 Duplicate the brown body shape.

Step 4 Use the same technique to make a shadow on the second paw or just copy and reflect the existing shape. Step 5 Let's add some shadows on the arms. Step 6 Use the Eyedropper Tool I to pick the color and appearance options from the shadow which we've created behind the Bear's paw. Step 7 Copy and Paste in Front the arm. Step 8 Edit the shadow shape so that it fits the arm.

Step 9 Add the same shape to the second arm using the Reflect Tool O. Step 10 We also need to add a shadow from the head on the Bear's body. Here is what you should get as a result: Step 11 Duplicate the main body shape and use Pathfinder to delete the unnecessary part, as we did it before. Fill it with the same color as the other shadows. Step 12 Use the same technique to add a few more shadows for Bear's ears.

Make the second ellipse. Now our bear has a cute blush on his cheeks! Step 2 Keep going and create some brows. Duplicate the brow and put it to the proper place. Add the Highlights Step 1 Now we need to add some lines, which emphasize the areas on the toy's textile, where the parts of the Teddy Bear are sewed together. Step 2 Use Intersect in Pathfinder to delete that part of the shape, which is outside the arm. Step 3 Flip the created shape horizontally and place it on the second arm. Step 4 Go on and modify the Bear's head. Step 5 Take the Scissors Tool S , click on the upper anchor point of the head circle, then on the lower one.

Step by step how to make a teddy bear.

Step 7 Add another ellipse above Bear's forehead and fill it with same linear gradient with Screen mode as we did for the half-shape. Step 3 Duplicate the line and flip it to make a cross-stitch. Step 4 Let's add some shadow under the stitches. Step 5 Let's also add some highlights to give the stitches more dimension. Pick the color from the highlight on the Bear's forehead.

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Step 6 Add a few more details to the stitch. Great, our stitch became more realistic.

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Looks like you can almost touch it! Step 7 Duplicate the stitches and add a few of them to the Bear's forehead and face to give him a view of an good old toy from your childhood. Draw a Simple Background Step 1 Let's make a shadow which will be visible on a background of any color!

Step 2 Create New Layer below all other layers. Create Some Simple School Books Step 1 As far as we are keeping in mind a school theme, let's add some school related items to our picture. Step 2 Add a second one above, making it a bit narrower. Step 3 Duplicate the blue shape and cut off the unnecessary part of the beige rectangle using Pathfinder. Step 4 Let's add some lines to the beige rectangle to make them look like pages of a closed book. Step 5 Make a duplicate of a beige shape, place it on top of other objects and switch off the Fill and Stroke colors.

Now the lines fit the book perfectly. Step 6 Use the Round Corners effect again to smoothen the book cover and form the outer corners of the book using Pathfinder. Step 7 Let's add more simple books of different shapes and sizes to make our picture more detailed! Draw a Graduation Hat Step 1 Let's move on and draw a simple graduation hat. Step 4 Copy and Paste in Back the top part and move it a few pixels down.

Step 5 We also need to add a tassel on a ribbon. Render a Ripe Apple for Your Teacher Step 1 The last but not the least attribute of happy school life is a nice red apple for a teacher! Step 3 Repeat the same moves for the upper anchor point's handles. Step 4 Duplicate the shape and make the copy slightly smaller. Step 5 Finishing touches — we need to add a place, out of which a stem grows. Make a stem and a small leaf out of the same brow-shape. Step 2 Let's add a simple shadow in order to separate the bear from the books.

Step 4 Pick the color and appearance from some shadow which we've created earlier on the bear. Step 5 Now cut off the unnecessary part of shadow. Here you go! The shadow is ready. You've Completed the Lesson! Yulia Sokolova.

Easy Way To Draw A Teddy Bear

I'm Yulia Sokolova, a tutorial instructor of 2D graphics, focusing on character creation, icons, lettering design and illustrations. I've been working with Envato, Disney, Adobe, Ask. Here I'm writing tutorials about Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw to share my knowledge and I hope you will find some useful tips and tricks for your personal artworks.

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Envato Market has a range of items for sale to help get you started. Stock Photos. Royalty Free Images. All proceeds from the sale went to charity. During , it was announced that the studio was in talks with the producer about a sequel. Paddington was featured on the Royal Mail 1st class stamp in the Animal Tales series released on 10 January , and had previously been featured on one of the 1st class Greetings Messages stamps, released on 1 February Paddington Bear featured in the Marmite UK TV advertisement first broadcast on 13 September , [50] in which he tries a marmite and cheese sandwich instead of his traditional marmalade sandwich.

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On 13 October , Google celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first Paddington publication by placing an image of the travelling bear with a sign showing Peru and London incorporated into Google's logo. As part of the promotion of film and to celebrate cross-cultural links between the UK and Peru, the British embassy and StudioCanal commissioned a statue of Paddington in Parque Salazar in the Miraflores district of the Peruvian capital, which was unveiled in July Paddington Bear is also used in marketing for Robertson's , on the label of their Golden Shred marmalade.

The Marks and Spencer Christmas advertisement for television shows Paddington mistaking a petty criminal for Santa Claus and helping him right the wrong by returning the gifts back to their rightful owners. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How to Draw a Teddy Bear Step by Step for Kids

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Main article: Paddington TV series. Main article: Paddington Bear TV series. Main article: The Adventures of Paddington Bear. Main article: Paddington film series. Bond, Michael; Russell Ash The Life and Times of Paddington Bear.

London: Pavilion. Pfeffer, Susan Beth Who Were They Really? Brookfield, CN: Millbrook Press. Sheridan, Simon Archived from the original on 17 August The Guardian. Retrieved 10 September The Telegraph. Retrieved 3 July The Independent. Archived from the original on 3 September Retrieved 12 July Archived from the original on 24 January Retrieved 13 January Alley's Paddington Bear".