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A free Halloween scavenger hunt is available for those interested in a traditional fairground — rather than Scareground — experience. Where: Basement at the Elks Lodge, S. McGillivray Blvd. When: 7 to 11 p.

Information: hauntedhousevancouver. She said mazes connect 17 scare areas. On select nights they also offer a less scary version for younger kids with candy and without strobe lights and fog. Parking is available at the lodge. When: 8 to 11 p.

Host Your Own Haunt

What to expect: Drama department adviser Kelly Gregersen said the urban-legend-themed haunted house is for older kids. Information: ; www. The Clark County Historical Museum uses the book to guide its downtown Vancouver walking tours during the Halloween season. Information: ridgefieldwa.

What to expect: This family-friendly event, in its fourth year, takes place inside of a transformed enclosed picnic facility and features six vignettes to wander through. Organizers expect the event to grow from last year, which saw attendees. Where: Luepke Center, E. McLoughlin Blvd. Information: www. What to expect: The free event for children and families is in its fourth year, and expects upwards of attendees.

Children will have opportunities to get their faces painted, decorate pumpkins and show off their costumes in a parade. Information: Find the event on Facebook. Saturday, November 30, What frightens you?

So, what scares you? When: and p. When: 6 to 9 p. When: 10 a. The Columbian is becoming a rare example of a news organization with local, family ownership. Subscribe today to support local journalism and help us to build a stronger community. A home haunt is a stripped-down version of a haunted attraction. A home haunt usually takes place inside a person's home or on their lawn.

One can expect to see homemade props or animatronics, detailed rooms, special effects and costumed characters. The vast majority of home haunts are nonprofit or ask for donations; the money may go towards a charity or cause. Home haunts are usually open for a couple of hours on Halloween or a few weekends in October. Haunts like this do not require state issued emergency lighting, fire alarms, and fire escapes if the haunt is under a specific length. A yard haunt is a house that is elaborately decorated to celebrate Halloween.

Yards may feature fake tombstones, skulls, large inflatable characters, plastic light-up figures a.

10 Halloween Fundraising Ideas That Work

Some home owners even create their own homemade props to set their display apart from other houses, while others synchronize their display to music using computer programs such as Light-O-Rama, Animated Lighting and other programs. Some displays utilize an FM transmitter so people can park their car, locate a low-frequency radio station and watch the show without it disturbing the neighbors. A ghost run is a haunted event that takes place in a person's car. When a customer purchases a ticket for a ghost run, he or she is given various clues as to where different haunted attractions are.


This haunted scavenger hunt usually includes a few local haunted attractions and other free items. At the end of the ghost run's season, the winner with the best mileage locating the haunts is revealed and he or she is given a prize. This was at a time when people were unaware of how these seemingly incredible tricks were done and it was a relatively new form of entertainment before the spread of the haunted attraction.

Many of these spook shows doubled with horror movies and played at smaller movie theaters during the Halloween season or different parts of the year.

Community Center to Host Haunted House | Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce

Eventually these shows would incorporate bloody special effects and sometimes be referred to as Midnight Horror Shows. These shows were daring for their time, but would phase out by the end of the s. A modern interpretation of the classic spook show was the Hauntings Ghost Show in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This attraction was themed as a Victorian Seance, which took place in a small theater setting.

During the show, the audience would encounter automated gags instead of live performers. The attraction was in operation from the early s until September As the haunted attraction industry has evolved, it has trended toward ever more elaborate settings, higher technology, more elaborate backstories and so-called "extreme" haunted houses. Most operators, from the mega-haunts down to local charity events have felt the competitive pressure to improve their events.

Higher quality scenery and props and ever more elaborate concepts and writing have become the norm. As well, the experiences have expanded in terms of sheer size, either by making the mazes longer, or by providing more than one attraction on the same site. Some operators have tried to distinguish themselves by adding more extreme experiences. The blackout houses are what they sound like: pitch black mazes which the guests must feel their way through.

This may involve crawling, and sometimes, contact by the actors. This is usually not allowed in less extreme houses, and may require the guest to sign a waiver prior to entering. The interactive houses may involve the guests being closed into an "escape room", where they have a time limit to try to figure out how to escape, and physical clues scattered around the space. Naturally, there are scares also hidden in the space, and often guest escape efforts have consequences for wrong guesses. The VR and laser tag houses add an element of the first-person shooter video game experience to the guest's journey through the house.

The most extreme houses may feature full contact with the guests and include a chance that the guest may be subjected to mild torture, including simulated drowning, simulated assault, and light electric shock.

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Guests are often given a safe word for anyone who might not be able to complete the experience. Tennessee's McKamey Manor requires both an application process and a waiver. Unlike most of its rivals, there was no safe word until The tour, which is free, can take up to four hours to complete. In that time, guests have been tied and gagged, forced into coffins and freezers, and had their heads pushed into cages full of snakes. People have even been known to leave with scratches and bruises on their bodies. Another example is Blackout, which has versions in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and New York, and has been rated on several lists as the most extreme haunted house in the world.

The Naked and Scared Challenge was an adults-only experience at Shocktoberfest , a acre fear park located in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. Visitors at least 18 years old were invited to disrobe before entering. After choosing the "nude" or "prude" underwear-only option, guests were asked to sign waivers prior to a clothes-free fright. The nude option was cancelled prior to opening, due to pressure from local authorities. There have been a few such houses around the country, but they have apparently not caught on. This event began during the season, and was still running as of , as the Almost Naked and Scared Challenge.

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