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Jun 11, Lena rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , deaf-mc. I loved, loved, loved the idea behind the book and was so excited to read it! It was obvious from page one - heck, it was obvious before I even read it - that the world where this book was set is the samesimilar to Harry Potter's world.

Which is lovely because I'm very familiar and at home with that world. Cait was a believable, if a little exasperating, hard-of-hearing eleven year old who was tired of not fitting in anywhere.

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What was not really that believable was her attitude regarding sign language - Shaw made it seem like Cait had barely any ASL and had only one teacher who couldn't really teach her that much, and yet she was able to carry on conversations with a group of deaf ASL users. Alas, that is just one aspect of the book that needed editing. I feel like this book could have used more thorough editing, as there were many plot lines that could have been very interesting if Shaw decided to continue with them, rather than just mentioning them once or twice and leaving it at that. Still, it was an enjoyable book.

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Nov 07, Sherry rated it liked it. When I received this book a "Handful of Spells" I was excited about reading it as the fantasy world is a fun place to get away! The story is about Caitlin Leo, a hard-of-hearing young girl who finds out that she is a witch and has been invited to a three hundred year old school of magic. A well written novel I enjoyed the story that takes Cait through her fist year of school.

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The story is interesting and fun but being a huge Harry Potter fan I read all 7 books to my children when they were young When I received this book a "Handful of Spells" I was excited about reading it as the fantasy world is a fun place to get away! The story is interesting and fun but being a huge Harry Potter fan I read all 7 books to my children when they were younger I found myself finding too many similarities between the stories and it made me feel a little disappointed.

That being said I like how the characters where developed and the story held my interest until the end. A bit more original and I would have given 4 stars. A good reads giveaway that I received, thank you! Oct 28, B Belton rated it it was amazing. Shaw and "A Handful of Spells": "Yay! Woot, Woot! Just closed the book and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it I felt like Cait when she discovered the Eagles I was home, among folks who know me and understand.

Sharing it with my best friend and husband of 33 years who btw can hear like a bat! Needless to say, I can't wait to hear mo First.. Corwin, et al. Plan to order more copies for friends and family Barbara Belton, M.

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I am hoping there will be a sequel to this book. I want to read more of Cait, Meg and Penny's magical adventures.

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