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The Sleepover Club Series by Rose Impey

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The Sleepover Club: Where Are They Now? (Season 1)

The Sleepover Club At Frankie's Join the Sleepover Club: Frankie, kenny, felicity, rosie and Lyndsey, five girls who just want to have fun- but who always end up in mischief. When the girls discover their Brown owl has been dumped by her boyf continued The Sleepover Club At Lyndsey's It's Lyndsey's birthday and the sleepover Club plan a spooky sleepover, with the most frightening video they can find. Only, once the lights are finally out and everyone has snuggled down, the spooks suddenly continued The Sleepover Club At Felicity's When Felicity announces she is not eating at the next sleepover, the girls cut down on their feast.

But sleepovers and food go hand- in- hand and when the food runs out and no one can sleep, the girls must fi continued The Sleepover Club At Rosie's Felicity is desperate for a pet and when the girls' teacher needs someone to look after the school hamster for the weekend, Felicity is first to volunteer. It seems like a perfectly safe scheme. After all, how continued And with the help of the Sleepover Club, she decides to teach Molly a lesson she'll never forget! But will the Sleepov continued Starring The Sleepover Club When Felicity's mum buys a camcorder, the sleepover girls can't wait to try it out.

During filming, a minor accident turns into a super-stunt, and Rosie has a brain wave: why not send the tape to a TV program continued Sleepover Girls Go Pop! Inspired by their favourite girls'band, the Sleepover Club decides to form a pop group. Of course, the Sleepover Club rise to the challenge but th continued The Sleepover Club sleeps Out When the Sleepover Club go on an overnight school trip to a local museum full of Egyptian relics, they plan a sort of '"Museum sleepover", At the official Sleepover at Frankie's house the night before, the g continued The girls decide to celebrate the Sleepover Club Birthd continued Sleepover Girls On Horseback Lyndz is mad about horses though the others are not quite so sure.

But when the local riding school is threatened, the girls go horse-crazy as they think up ways to save it. A stable Fun Day sounds safe enough continued Sleepover In Spain What could be more fun than a sleepover in another country? The girls are determined to have a special sleepover when they go on a school trip to spain.

The only problem is that five troublesome spanish girls continued Friday 13th! Fliss is terrified at the very idea, especially as some scary things seem to have been happening recently. Kenny plans some spooky surprises but, suddenly, continued The tension mounts and tempers fray during training asFliss tries to continued But deterctive work is not as simple as they first think. A cat- loving neighbour acting suspiciously may appear the continued Sleepover Girls Go Designer Rosie is really miserable- her dad has gone off on holiday instead of decorating her bedroom as promised.

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Sleepover Girls Go Gymtastic! (The Sleepover Club, Book 47)

The Sleepover Club Surfs The Net Frankie is hooked up to the Internet and Rosie finds a competition to design a Home page, with fab prizes for the winners and runners-up The Home page has to be for a club that the entrants belong to. It take continued Sleepover Girls On Screen Fliss persuades the rest of her friends to come with her when she goes to audition for a TV commercial. All starts well with a great sleepover, but trouble brews when all the Sleepover pals try for the same c continued Sleepover Girls And Friends Mega news!

The spanish students that the Sleepover Club met on holiday are coming to stay. All sorts of fab activities are planned and the exchange gets off to a great start.. Fliss is determined to make it a fashion show, but the rest of the sleepover gang have other ideas..

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Will eve continued Kenny joins the school five-a-side football team and bores her friends stupid about it- that is, until the sleepover Club forms a team of theirown! What a good excuse for a special football- themed sleepover.. After all, what can be so difficult about looking after a little baby? But things are never quite that simple for Frankie a continued Sleepover Girls Go Snowboarding Kenny's getting starry- eyed about her new mate Nick, a snowboarding whizz who works at the sports shop.

Nothing less than a trip to the local snowboarding centre is called for! But is Nick all he's cracked up continued Happy New Year Sleepover Club!

The Sleepover Club: Series 1 - Volume 2

It's party time! The new millennium is looming, and the girls plan a mega- special New Year Sleepover. But what with Frankie's mum due to have her baby at any moment, and Fliss's mum with her Big Secret, nothi continued Firstly, the girls have to come up with some bright ideas for the school's Ecology Zon continued Fliss gets a card from Ryan Scott, asking her to the school Valentine disco. Vive Le Sleepover Club!

Ooh la la - it's half- term, and the gang is off on a school trip to Paris!

The Sleepover Club | Revolvy

The girls are thrilled to see the stars of their favourite soap filming on location, and they dare Kenny to ask for an autograph. But continued Not to mention Frankie's Little sister Lzzy's naming party. Due to his physical fitness the girls have dubbed him Mr. His real name is Mr Bilton. He is also the girls' netball coach as well.

Fliss has many plans with him that she hopes to make a reality. Secretly he likes Kenny a little but Kenny hates him, unlike Fliss.

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It is towards the end of the first series that Fliss takes a dislike to Ryan and calls him a jerk after he insulted Kenny and lied to make himself look good. He's always eating and thinks the Sleepover Club is silly. She wants to spoil every sleepover held at Kenny's house. He is in a wheelchair and he plays basketball.

Sleepover Club Books Series Collection-54 Books Set by Sue Mongredien (English)

He appears in episodes like "Happy Birthday Rosie", where he has a basketball match the day of his sister's birthday. He doesn't study in Crescent Bay because he is in the university. But unlike others Rosie looks up to him and he always keeps her smiling.

He plays in a band as the lead singer and guiter player called the Hut. Secretly all the girls think he is hot. He is a great surfer and Rosie is into him alot. He also goes to Cresent Bay high. The second generation of the Club started when her cousin Frankie gave her an S.

Sleepover Girls Go Designer (The Sleepover Club, Book 16)

She is fashion-conscious and always listens to her psychic phone pal Zoe. Her main interests are basketball and surfing and tries her best to always win. Her best friend in the Sleepover Club is Jess. She has a stepbrother named Simon who is one of the Blockheads.