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But I definitely have to do it somewhere, at least once. Using this page — just the one that I happen to be using at this very moment — feels ok. Hi Steve, It was a pleasure to meet you at the Churchill Club event tonight. I met you immediately after the panel ended.

Best regards, Paul Campbell e: startupgenie gmail. Great compilation. There is nothing on sales. Can you add useful resource for generating sales for start-ups.

What about CRM? Known for their great customer service. High deliverability rates. We have an end-to-end suite that helps consultants and clients work better together. In my mind, any good drawing tools or even […]. It should be added to this great list. A new tool that will help the entrepreneur in the trademark issue is Markify — a trademark search that finds all similar trademarks. It covers both Europe ant the US, it is easy, fast and free. Thanks for your work. I have lots to go through! What are the free software tools and online services one should leverage for an internet start-up just getting started from an idea?

Great job done! I enjoyed reading your post. Please take a look, it might be one more option to Sendgrid and Postmark in your list. Great compendium Steve! Thank you. Very easy to use and share. I am not associated with the company. Great list Steve. Thanks for adding my ipod, ipad and web wireframe template post to your list.

Glad you and everyone else found it useful. Your list is a great reference by the way. Fantastic list of resources. His blog has a list of all kinds of wonderful tools for start-ups and such. His Twitter account is a must follow SgBlank too. Check out the list of tools though HERE. This is a great resource which I have shared with our users, many of whom are progressive startups with a frugal mindset. I would love to see Assistly included on this list under the category of Customer Support. We are a featured Google App Marketplace company, and believe passionately in putting the customer at the center of the business.

Thanks again for a great resource. What are the best online resources blogs, articles, etc. Great ressource. Thanks for a great list!


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Do you know TeamLab? As distinct from similar solutions, TeamLab offers all the features for free with no limits — a very solid argument for most of start-ups and enterpreneurs. Very helpful and worth taking time to go through most of them. Thanks for a Great Post. Stumbled on your page by serendipity. Amazing list. The best part though is the tenacity link. Nothing really compares with that, does it? All the best!

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How on earth did you remember? Impressive list, but missing a key ingredient: Sales management tools. I think actually actively selling your stuff is very important for a startup these days.

  • The Saros Curse (Cycles Series Book 1).
  • Cyril MacSquirrel Flies High (The Adventures of Cyril MacSquirrel Book 1);
  • Shackled By The Dictator (The Initiation 3 Book 2) By Aphrodite Hunt.

No-brainer for B2B companies but also for B2C companies making special advertising deals for example. I agree that help with sales is key for startups. I have found the step by step guideline of Kellogg Prof.

It is a process supported by a set of videos, tools and templates. Really enjoy your book and blog — thanks for your insights. I have a question though, how do you suggest moving through the customer development process when you are developing a product that you want to keep under wraps until its release and thus maintain your market advantage?

I also highly recommend podio. Good luck with your startups! This list is one I started for my students trying to figure out what tools to use. At Unboxed Consulting we use Xero. Both are great for those first customers. No coding required; works similar to google analytics. Yesterday we launched a brand-new project management application called Webplanner. Thanks for the collection. Its an awesome list.

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For inspiration you can include Mixergy. If you're interested in taking on some of it yourself, Startup Tools Great list of tools, articles, basically everything you need to get started. It started really small in Rockville, MD about 9 months ago, and people have been asking us to do more and grow into other nearby cities. Would you consider adding this under Groups and Incubator List.

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Awesome compilation, Steve. Want to do an interview? You know this is one of the most extensive lists I have seen for anyone in the internet business. Really appreciate your hard work here. I really do not think you have missed a site here that is relevant. Being and electrical engineer it was great to see Digikey and Sparkfun on their There are the tools and blogs listed by Steve Blank that include […].

Hi Steve, It was nice to meet you last week in Tallinn. Like Like. We have 4 weeks left till the Demo Day on October 16th. We are here to help you to succeed both on the Business Model side and the technology side. Most of the teams were assigned to a mentor that will lead them till the Demo day and make sure that you are on the right track in terms of the business model and that you are focused and know what do you want to implement for initial launch. We are going to be very strict and make sure that each of the teams will have live products.