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And its totally a mental thing, but it just feels more real and possible with it now being Violet has been doing really well. They have started weaning her oxygen so we can start making steps towards just being on oxygen instead of the CPAP that she is on now. She was slow to start gaining weight but has started putting on weight pretty well now and last night was 3lbs 3oz! They have been upping her feedings and she has been doing well with that, in spite of the reflux that is still bothering her.

Another big step we are making is turning off the humidity in her isolette. One of the things she needs to be able to do as she gets bigger is regulate her own body temperature, and this is the first steps in seeing how she does with that. When we hold she is a little furnace, and more often then not we have to eliminate her blankets to help keep her cooler so hopefully keeping her temp up will be an easier thing for her. Once she does well with that, she will get to start wearing clothes! Its so silly but I am so excited.

It also means she will get move to an open crib and we can kiss that baby condo good bye! The rent and HOA fees on that thing are just too darn high. Another fun thing we have been able to start with her this week is bath time! She is still pretty little to be taken out and bathed in a tub so we do baths in the isolette! Its pretty awesome and shows how ingenious her nurses are. They put a couple towels down on her bed and then cover those with chux big blue absorbent flat pads. Then from there we wrap Vi in a thin flannel blanket , tip her bed up and pour some warm water in maybe like an inch of water that all pools at her feet.

Then we use little self sudsing scrubies and wash her up. She is not so sure about the whole scrubbing thing but she sure loves the warm water and having her hair brushed!

It was one for the books for sure. Those babies sure know how to party! Violet is 31 weeks gestation today which is awesome. I love being able to tick off the weeks as we get closer and closer to She has so many milestones and markers we have to meet but it feels like a homestretch in a way. She is so full of personality and the bigger she gets, the more that sassy silly little girl emerges. She continues to amaze me with every passing day and every great thing she does. I am not sure where the last couple weeks have gone but they have absolutely flown by.

I will take it! I kept thinking I will post an update tonight and then before I knew it the day had passed. Between going back to work, NICU, holidays, and all the normal endeavors of life, things were a little hectic. The good news in Violet has been doing pretty darn good. Right now we are focusing on growing, eating, and breathing. Her lung infection has cleared up.


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They ran a respiratory panel on her and it came back clear so that is good news. She is still ventilator free and has been doing fairly well on her CPAP machine. It is a pretty incredible device. Because she is still trying to figure out all this breathing stuff, she still needs a little assistance.

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So like her ventilator did, the CPAP is actually able to give her breaths and some pressure to help maintain the lungs being open. So not nearly as intense as the ventilator and definitely not as invasive. The next goal for her will be to turn of those breaths and just use pressure, but all her breaths will be on her own. From there, they will just keep weening as she is ready till we are eventually left with just regular oxygen. We are a long way from that step, but glad to at least be on that road.

This week she has started to struggle a little bit with reflux in her feedings. She is not quite putting on weight as quickly as they would like she is up to 2lb 6 oz though! Unfortunately the supplementing can be a little harsh on their tummies.

With the majority of NICU babies, reflux is not an if they get it thing, its more of a when they get it. It just takes them a little time to grow out of it. They kind of run into a catch with the feedings.

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Too much breast milk makes them sick and supplementing makes them sick, but supplementing is the lesser of the two make them sicks, so we go with that one. At the end of her feedings is when the reflux starts and it can be a little rough. You will see a dip in her oxygen from being uncomfortable and forgetting to breathe.

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It can be a little scary but usually she corrects herself pretty quickly or the nurses will help by upping her oxygen until it passes. We had some great moments this week. We are able to hold her a lot more often. Chad got to hold her for the first time this past week. This little girl loves her Daddy. Vi was so happy and content to be with him. It is so fun to see her recognize him and just relax hearing his voice and his touch!

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She started sucking on her fingers and pacifier a little bit! Sounds funny, but it is all part of the prep and getting her ready to actually take food through her mouth and not her tube. She has started to do this little crooked smile thing. Whether its an intentional smile or not, its adorable and I love it. I mean, in all honesty, she is probably pooping…but I am gonna pretend its smiling haha. I have had a few people ask me about how age works with preemies and its a great question and one I never even considered before. So, right now they use her actual 4 weeks and her gestational age 29 weeks , basically what week of pregnancy I would be on if I were still pregnant.

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