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Samplers are another mystery to me. Why can't they have modern items in them? They also seem to be mostly for girls. There are few samplers or other patterns for a boy's room. If people's tastes didn't change, we'd have the same furniture and appliances our parents did. X-stitch seems to be a medium that's stuck in time.

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I've never been to an Ikea, so the analogy is lost on me. I went to their website and looked at some of the "new textiles" and very much like the bold colors and patterns. I think you grasped my point. I needled-pointed a "goose in a pond" pattern for a pillow top a few years ago and won a blue ribbon for it at our county fair. I'm not worth a hoot at quilting, but love imagining the various patterns done in a medium I'm competent with. I am starting to cross-stitch again after an 18 year break.

During that time, I was only quilting. I've made so many quilts and finally have become a bit bored with it. I was so thrilled with all the new patterns I've come across while looking for a few projects!

The selection is absolutely incredible and I barely know where to start! I did want to comment that cross-stitching a quilt pattern would be amazing. I designed and quilted a cowboy boot quilt for my nephew 15 years ago and never made another one because it was such a difficult project. So I'm going to scan it into a cross-stich pattern and stitch it! It's very easy to convert a quilt to cross stitch.

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I usually get the graph paper and colored pencils out but also do some of it with an excel spreadsheet. I've stitched quilt patterns to death - other people's and tons of my own. I've stitched them with and without borders, on different color fabrics, I've added beads, made rounds into squares, put several different ones into the same piece, you name it. They are the same geometrical art as cross stitch except when quilts have curved lines in them.

My Mom sometimes makes quilts from the cross stitch patterns I create. It's fun to have the quilt on the bed and the stitch on the wall or easeled on a table near it. Another cool thing about them is you can change the colors to any scheme you like. The repetitive nature of the patterns also makes them very easy and you change colors a lot less often, which makes them come together very quickly. I highly recommend it.

I began cross-stitching little less than a year ago. I have a bit of a unique personality, so most patterns aren't my cup of tea. I found an excellent website where you can convert any picture into your own cross-stitch pattern! I love it!! It has custom settings for you to use in order to get the perfect cross-stitch pattern.

But it's whatever you want! You download the pattern as a PDF. This is the kind of pattern I'd like to find.

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I made this one, and stitched it for my daughter 2 Christmases ago. Very nice! I never got into kitties, etc patterns and hv always made my own. I recently discovered pic2pat and I will post here my next project. It is not tedious to me but rather soothing. In-out, jn-out a gazillion times, lol. I hate changing threads for like 7 stitches.

I can take a pic if I want a pic, don't want to stitch one. Just something that looks like something interesting while hanging on the wall, no reading glasses or magnifying glass needed. Maybe I've no right to sound in because I don't cross-stitch. I'm a quilter.

And I haven't a clue what's out there for cross-stitch enthusiasts. But there are a lot of well-known and very creative quilters who started out very small with their own blogs. Have you considered that?

I mean, what have you got to lose? I know that trying to publish on your own is daunting, expensive, and can be complicated wading through all the red tape and marketing. But with your own blog you could publish a few of your creations - the ones you don't mind sharing for free and if it takes off with a lot of interest there's bound to be someone eventually who might want to contact you about marketing more of your stuff.

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Went to hancocks this afternoon and while looking at bright fabric, thought about this thread. Wouldn't those designs make great needlepoint projects? At the moment, it's not something that interests me, but each winter presents a new challenge for staying busy, entertained. FWIW, if you study the pic I posted, it's far from perfect, in a technical sense. Doubtful anyone would consider publishing it, but anyone who is inspired, feel free to copy it.

I'd share the pattern, usually make them on spreadsheets lately, but that one's old school, just a sheet of graph paper colored with colored pencils. Bossy, needlepoint isn't my area, but I love the bold colors, and simplicity of the 2nd one especially! TY for the contribution!

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Here's another one I made up. One of these days I'll fix the mistake on the base execution of a pattern is a whole 'nother kettle of fish from making one - oops! It's not all X's, and does have a lot of color changes, but they're not hard to follow no good excuse for how I messed it up. This came together so quickly, a few hours in the evening for about a week, maybe 10 days. This is the 1st one I made, in the 80's. Escher-inspired, though I have no illusions that I even entered the realm of emulation. I can't remember whether I copied this from a quilt or a cross stitch pattern, but did a lot of editing to the original, and added some beads at the bottom. I liked that so much, I did another, out-of-control version, with layers of colors, some on top of others.

Cross-stitching and embroidery are a big part of folk culture in many East European countries.